A changed life story...

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My dear friends, 

Let me share a quick story with you. This is how your prayers and support are making an impact in different parts of the world. Camila was a girl that had no idea her life was about to be changed dramatically in just a few short hours. Our students met her sitting alone on the Universidad de Buenos Aires campus. They approached her and asked if they could show her one of our films and then talk about it. Together they watched 'Jätku Leiba', a film we made about a single mom struggling to find hope. At one point in the film the mother has nothing but plain potatoes to feed her children. Watching this scene, Camila broke down in tears: "That's my family right now!” 

Our students continued to talk with Camila comforting her and sharing about how God provides for our needs. As the conversation continued they were able to explain the gospel to her, and right then and there, Camila said she wanted to ask Jesus to be her Savior! She did, and she is now meeting with other Christians and continuing to grow in her faith. Because of you Camila was connected to a greater story! 

It’s been another awesome year watching God work through my ministry, and I truly can’t wait to see what he does next! This summer, I will have the opportunity to attend our national Cru conference and take some more seminary classes, I’m asking God to provide $7,500 to cover those costs and to help keep me working full-time with Cru. As you reflect on your giving goals for this year, I would be honored if you would consider my ministry. 

This December, would you prayerfully consider giving a special year-end gift to help cover the cost of the conference, tuition, housing, travel, etc.? You can give online at "give.cru.org/0617845", or if you would like to give by check please contact me.

Thank you for partnering with me in this! Your faithfulness is bringing the message of hope to people like Camila and regardless of whether you can give, I’m so grateful to the Lord for you and glad you are on my team.

Connecting people to a greater story,