Adventure and purpose await...

Because of your prayers and support we had the awesome opportunity to make a video that is now currently being used by Jesus Film to recruit people onto the International Recording Teams.

"With the International Recording Team, you will help change lives by giving people a chance to hear Jesus speak their heart language! After training, you will travel & record voice actors, digitally dubbing the 'JESUS' film into the local language. Each language has the potential of reaching 50,000 people or more. Not only will you record the classic 'JESUS' film, but you may get to record other movies and follow-up materials to help build churches among some of the least reached people in the world. The 'JESUS' film is often the first evangelistic tool ever used in a people group, and you will be a part of helping bring the gospel where it has not gone before!" //  

It’s also an exciting time because two of our recording technicians are currently on location recording the 1500th translation of the JESUS film! This is a crazy awesome milestone. Our partners at Mission Aviation Fellowship flew them to a remote village location about a week ago to record the Daasanach language. They are currently working hard with a local church.

Please pray for the hearts and minds of those hearing and seeing the Gospel for the first time. Pray for safety, and that many people will continue to join these teams and this mission of connecting the watching world to Jesus. Thank you.