Film School in Brazil

This year I taught for the Jesus Film at our Film School in Brazil. The new media team that we helped form consists of 23 participants from 9 countries who we equipped and trained. At the Film School we taught all aspects of filmmaking including writing, producing, filming, editing and distributing films to start spiritual conversations or share the gospel. The bond these students shared was a blessing in our ten-day training as they grew together relationally and spiritually.

Since the Film School, these students have pioneered a new aspect of the ministry in audio/visual content with the ultimate goal of connecting people to christ!

God has been using the videos that our students have produced to start spiritual conversations, inspire people to join the conferences, and connect people to Jesus.

“As of today, this team has completed three short films, 28 promotional videos to drive attendance for ministry, and seven ministry summary videos. Here are some encouraging Facebook results:

800 new followers on Facebook in the last 5 months

86,000+ video views (Top videos generating 17,000 views, 16,000 views and two videos with 6,000 views organically (not paid))

8,000+ likes

5,000+ shares

4,789 click-through traffic to main ministry page.

The reach through social media has been incredible. Thank you again for allowing participants from your countries to be a part of this exciting opportunity.  Our hopes and prayers are that this team will continue to be used to make content for your countries and cities to accelerate your ministries and bring people to Jesus.


The Digital Strategies & Communications Team”

See some highlights from my trip:



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