Living LEGO

This should come as no surprise, but I love Legos. Christmas, birthdays and yard-sales have contributed to this creative obsession, leaving me with a large assortment of magical, colorful, ingenious, little blocks. When the bricks are connected together the configurations can be almost endless. Fun Fact: “Two eight-stud LEGO bricks can be combined in 24 different ways and three eight-stud LEGO bricks in 1,060 ways.”

I’m not gonna lie, this year has been rough. It’s hard sometimes not to feel like a solitary Lego brick trying to build something amazing but not having enough pieces. Just one block, alone, sitting on the carpet, in the dark, in the middle of the night, waiting for someone to step on it. That’s no fun for anyone, right? But, that’s not how God sees me.

This summer I had the opportunity to attend our Cru15 staff conference. It was an awesome opportunity to connect with over 5,000 other missionaries. It was a super intense, emotionally and mentally exhausting time of training, but the theme of the conference was “Together.” The conversations were really hard, but essential for us to grow as a ministry. God used some of the seminars to really speak specifically to my heart.

Here is what God has been teaching me. I need you, you need me, and we both need Jesus. It sounds simple, but in practice it is always so much harder (people are messy and complicated).

Looking at 1 Peter 2:4-5 I see this picture of Christians as “living stones” we are made to be stacked together, God is building something beautiful. Not only that, but Jesus is the “cornerstone” piece. He is the brick holding everything together, and keeping us moving in the right direction. Whatever God is building I want to be a part of it.

We don’t have to be solitary bricks, stabbing people in the feet. We were made for so much more, and I’m honored to be a part of this with you.

This post was inspired by the end of Francis Chan’s talk and John 17:20-23.

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