My To-Do List

I thought I would try something a little different with this update. It’s just a list of projects on my to-do list today.

Working for a nonprofit is hard; there never seems to be enough manpower or hours in the day, and it’s overwhelming at times. However, I know that I have (you) My Ministry Team alongside me, and your prayers and support are helping to reach many thousands of people with the gospel; That keeps me focused, and on task. If you would, please take a moment to pray for a few projects on this list. If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me a message.

My To-Do List (This week. No specific order):

  • Finish moving in and setting up things in the new studio. (send out an Email Update).

  • Prep for the Creative Arts Guild (Chicago). Flight Monday (22nd). Prep to teach a workshop on “Telling a good story using video.” Also, prep a showcase “presentation” of my current video projects for peer review.

  • Rewrite and submit my second screenplay (possibly our next short film).

  • Read and review the next batch of scripts submitted to JesusFilm (ongoing).

  • Wrap-up editing on the two “day-in-the-life” videos from the Mongolian trip. Start editing the third. (This is a big project for Leader Impact).

  • Finish editing the two videos for the Cru: Bridges - Every International - curriculum. (This was a cool project I just finished. Their vision statement is: “Starting with the 1.8 million international students in North America, we envision a day when every international - - every student, refugee, and immigrant - - has an opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ.”)

  • Finish editing Cru: Inner City video (may be finished, needs review).

  • Make plans and prep for Cru Winter Conference. Also, start prep for next summer (Staff Conference year, and sign-up for the last of my seminary classes.)

  • Client meetings about producing EveryCampus promo video, and a Campus Fellowship video (Illinois).

  • Put next JesusFilm film school trip on the calendar. Figure out my role and get location locked down (I would love to take another shot at teaching film editing).

  • I know I’m forgetting something.



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