There are certainly a lot of strong elements to this film. The visuals look strong and your performances are solid. I also quite enjoyed the location. I’m not sure if it was a real metalworking shop or a set. Either way, it looked great!

Newly Forged was the first actual short film I worked on. We had a real set, real actors, and a real “tiny” budget. I was mainly the producer and editor, but everyone on the crew worked super hard to make this film possible. We all had our hands in everything. I helped to some degree in every role, on and off the set. Our finished project was awesome! It is not the greatest film ever seen by human eye, but it’s my baby and I still love it…

This was just a micro-budget film, but we all learned a crazy amount about filmmaking… It was a super hot, demanding, one-day shoot. Looking back it was also fairly dangerous. I have included two behind the scenes clips so you can get a peek at the movie magic.

Also, take a look at our post production: Matt Infante colors a scene with DaVinci Resolve.

You can read the original screenplay... Newly Forged - First Draft see how much things changed.


Newly Forged Press

Here we are at The Attic Film Fest. They showed our film on the Regal Cinema Arbor 8 big screen. I'm talking to the audience during the Q&A panel. 

Here is a personal look into my thoughts on the film: DON’T BLAME THE ANVIL

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